Monday, June 9, 2014

Summer is Officially Here

The Boy is out of school.  I can sleep in and don’t have to get him up in the mornings. Vacation is coming up.  Yup!  Summer is officially here.

I’m so excited.  I’m cleaning and organizing for this trip . . . trying not to take the entire house with me for once.  A three week trip doesn’t mean I have to pack enough clothes for three weeks . . . I can do laundry.  I cleaned out and organized bags so I could figure out what bags to use for packing.  Yes, you read that correctly . . . I cleaned out and organized bags.  You can never have enough bags as far as I’m concerned. 

Part of the bag clean out and determination is also determining which bags to set up as emergency go bags.  I normally have one in my car, but I’ve been slacking lately.  Now I need to set up one for each car (since the Boy will be driving soon), one for the house, and update the one at work.  The one thing I’ve not had in my go bag is clothes for the Boy, so these bags will be a little different.  Note—you should have emergency go bags available no matter where you live in the country.  You never know when disaster will strike . . . clothes, shoes, first aid, food, and water, flashlights, battery operated radio, extra batteries, and even pillows and  blankets. 

Ok—side tracked there for a minute.  I’ve made my packing list and have the bags pulled.  I’ll start pulling clothes to pack this week and this weekend will buy the few items we need, including any toiletries.  I’m so excited!  Did I mention I’m so excited?!

Of course, the Boy is not thrilled about the trip.  His friend that was supposed to go with us, probably won’t.  He is sure he won’t have fun and be bored the whole time.  Unfortunately, he is probably right.  Not because it won’t be fun or that it will be boring, but because he thinks it will be horrible and he isn’t going to make an effort.  I’m even taking him to Six Flags and he’s still not thrilled . . . he doesn’t want to go with Mom.  I told him he will never see these people again and we can have a blast.  Yeah . . . about that . . . teen blasé. SMDH!

Oh well . . . I’m still planning on having a blast.

Until next time, much peace and love.


  1. I bet he will have a great time once he's there! Relax and have FUN!

    1. Thanks, Mama. Whether he does or not is on him. I'm gonna have a blast.

      Thanks for stopping by.