Wednesday, August 12, 2015

I Wish You Well

Something a little different for me to post. This little poem came into my head almost completely whole.  It refers to one whom I love, but obviously will never have.  I realize I need to let him go so that I can go on with my life.  Until next time, much love and peace to you all.

I’ve been searching for answers,
Looking in all the wrong places,
I finally looked within and discovered
There is a greater power than me.
I’ve always known that power and
I talk to him. To her? The great one.
The all knowing, all powerful one.

I ask for help, for advice, for peace,
But, I don’t always listen. I hear, but
I don’t listen.
Today, I listened.  It’s painful. It’s healing.
It’s peace. It’s chaos. It’s acceptance.
It’s what it is supposed to be.

So today, I say good bye to you.
You whom I love, but can’t have.
You who loves me, but can’t prioritize me.
We always say, someday it will happen,
But there is always something in the way.
That’s because we aren’t listening.
It’s time to listen, to act, to be.

So today, I tuck you into a small chamber
Of my heart and say good bye.
Good bye to what was, what is, and what
Might be.
For today, I must think of me.
I can’t move on to what I need, deserve, want
Until I let go of you.

Good bye to you.  May you have peace as well.