Friday, June 13, 2014

Father's Day Rant

So, Father's Day is coming up and I get all kinds of mixed emotions.  First, I'm a little sad, because my dad is gone and second, I get a little mad, because the Boy's father doesn't do his gig all year, but still expects accolades from his son.

This brings me to my rant . . . I was going to say something on Mother's Day, but I let it go.  People . . . Mother's Day is for MOTHERS and Father's Day is for FATHERS.  Don't nobody care if you're doing "double duty" . . . you ONLY GET ONE DAY!  Don't rain on the parade of the other.  (And this is coming from a single mom who does double duty because "dad" is too damn childish and selfish to do his job.)

On Mother's Day, I kept seeing these posts of "happy mother's day to all you moms out there and you dads doing double duty."  Now for Father's Day, I'm seeing (1) "happy father's day to all you dads out there and you moms doing double duty" and (2) "why don't dads get the same props as moms?"

To answer number one . . . all dads who do their job or even attempt to do their job deserve the Father's Day props, same for moms on Mother's Day.  I add attempt because there are a lot of situations where the other party "blocks" the mom or dad from doing their job.

To answer number two . . .you dumbasses who are asking this are the ones not doing your damn job and you don't get the cookie for not doing your damn job!  Saying Happy Mother's Day or Happy Father's Day is a way of acknowledging those WHO DO THEIR DAMN JOB every day, day in and day out, who don't expect anything in return.  They just love and take care of their kids.  That's the bottom line.

So for you dads, who do your job . . . Happy Father's Day . . . enjoy YOUR day!

Until next time, much peace and love.


  1. Lots of dead beat dads out there, you are right!

    1. Unfortunately, the deadbeats make it bad for all and give dads a bad rap.

      Thanks for stopping by.