Monday, June 16, 2014

"Christian" Giving

I just had the most unreal experience ever.  I sent a private message to all my aunts about my mom's birthday.  Since we are doing a birthday party, I made a suggestion to them if they were planning a gift for Mom that they consider contributing to a medical procedure that she needs.  Her insurance doesn't cover it and she is on a fixed income. She would never ask for the money from anyone, so I made a suggestion, thinking that it was innocuous and considerate.  Well, my uncle (who unfriended me on Facebook eons ago, because he doesn't like my language) sent me an email, because his wife was one of the aunts I put on the message.  I had listed her, because he's not on my Facebook and I thought he would want to know.  I couldn't have been more wrong.  Here's the email he sent me (I took out all names to protect the innocent and the not-so innocent):

"I am perturbed over your Facebook message to my wife in which you solicited or suggested a large monetary contribution for your mother's cataract surgery as her birthday present.

We are not coming to the birthday party.  We have too many things going on that weekend, and I don't see the need to attend a birthday party two months ahead of time.

We are also not contributing to a surgery fund.  Where is your mother's husband's contribution, and more importantly, why are you begging for money from the family while you and your mother are engaging in a cross-country vacation whose cost easily exceeds the cost of this surgery?  Where are the priorities?

As a member of Lions Club International, I recommend that you have your mother contact the local Lions Club in her state for assistance.  My own Lions Club has helped an average of 200 people per year obtain glasses or pay for surgeries.  In many instances, the surgeon and hospital will agree to a reduced fee in case of indigency or inability to pay.

My Mother always said, "It's not the high cost of living, it's the cost of living high."  Please think about this before you send such appeals to my family.  I am sick of seeing the pity party parade from the woe-is-me crowd that refuses to live frugally."

Wow!  Really?  My mother retired several years ago and is now living on her social security.  She had to supplement her income for years to make ends meet.  Yes, her husband is a bum.  That isn't the point.  The trip he's talking about is my gift to her . . . it was scheduled two months early to accommodate HIS son's wedding.  I am so pissed about this, I can't even see straight. 

This same person goes to church every week and talks about helping others.  He even mentions belonging to the Lions Club and helping other people.  You misconstrue a simple suggestion and then, instead of (1) letting it go or (2) making an alternative suggestion, e.g., the Lions Club, you assume the worst . . . what a pompous ass!  Nevermind that he got to live for free in my mother's home while he was in college for certain lengths of time.  Nevermind that my mother would do anything in her power to help him if he needed it.  

The really sad part is that my mom has no idea about any of this.  Totally innocent on her part and now this.  I can hardly wait to see this jackass and show him who the better person is.  Oh yeah . . . that would be me.

Until next time, much peace and love.  I truly mean that.

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