Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Professional Jealousy

So I talked previously about the nasty former bosses.  I have a few more things to say about their bullshit, because they are causing problems . . . Or I should say, they are trying to cause problems.  Because, like I said, I DON'T FRIGGING WORK FOR THEM.  And, I haven't for almost 7 frigging years.  So, what the hell is the problem?  Dorothy has weighed in on this and we think it just might be professional jealousy.

You see, as I've moved up through the ranks, I've gained respect from other employees, management, and even board members.  My clients love me and have come to expect the best from me.  They, on the other hand, receive no respect or professional courtesy from anyone.  They make mistakes and they try to cover them up.  This happened recently, where Butt Leach just plain messed up.  Instead of owning up to her mistake, she tried to cover it up and she enlisted the help of Fart Face to do so.  This is really unacceptable, especially from a member of management.  So, when Dorothy called them on the carpet, because they were trying to pull me into their drama, they were pissed.  Now, they have started going through files and are trying to find some kind of dirt on me.  They think they can get me in trouble.  However, they don't seem to realize that they just make themselves look bad in the process.  Yes, there have been some errors found--after all, I'm human, I make mistakes. The deal is though . . . I acknowledge, apologize, and fix it.  That's all anyone can do.

So, I just keep doing my gig and excelling, while they continue to crumble. It was just brought to my attention that our Big Boss, who is fairly new to the company, has called them on the carpet and that he is tremendously pleased with me and my work ethic.  That's all I care about.  I can't control what other people say, think, or do.  I can only control my reactions to the same.  So, I'm looking past it all and doing what I need to do to get my job done and serve my clients well.

Until next time, much peace and love.


  1. The other bosses sound like jealous douche bags. You are smart to ignore their childish antics and continue to excel by doing the great job that you are doing!

    1. Thanks just keeps getting better and better.

      Thanks for stopping by.