Friday, March 14, 2014

New Look . . . so far . . .

You may have noticed . . . or not . . . that I've started changing the look of my blog.  I've started with changing the pictures I had up.  I read too many scary stories of people (just regular folks like me) using pix that they found on the internet, only to be sued because they didn't have the right to use them.  Now personally, I think that's crap.  If you didn't know you can't use it and when you're advised to stop using it, and you stop using it, all should be well.  Especially, if you apologize and even give credit to the owner of the picture.  Hell the owner of the picture should be thrilled that you've used the picture and it's getting out there.  But, whatevs.  I didn't want that to happen, so I'm only using my own pix now.

I added a photo of yours truly a couple of weeks ago.  I didn't really want to have my picture on the blog, but after perusing several of my favorite blogs, I realized that most folks do use their own photo.  So . . . I did.

Tonight, I finally added a photo at the top of the blog.  I've been searching through all my digital pix and couldn't find anything.  Then, low and behold, the Boy had to create a mask representing a character from Romeo and Juliet.  The picture on here is what he came up with.  The mask was originally all white.  He painted and decorated all on his own, no tracing, all freehand.  I think it is beautiful. And I asked if I could use it on my blog.  He was thrilled that I wanted to do so.  Yay!

So, a little about the mask.  It represents Juliet . . . it starts light, fresh, and naïve, and moves across to dark, rebellious, and death.  It represents love and loss, good girl and bad, life and death, darkness and light.  I thought it was great and I'm honored to be able to display it here.

Note:  he said he would do some more original artwork for this blog and my other one, so I'm psyched.

Until next time, much peace and love.

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