Monday, February 3, 2014

Superbowl Wrap Up

So, my team the Chicago Bears did not win the Superbowl this year.  Oh yeah--they weren't in it.  But, even if my team isn't in it, I always watch, if nothing else, it's for the commercials.  But, is it me or are the commercials just trying too hard now?  The commercials have become a big deal, but they aren't living up to expectations.  As I'm writing this, my favorite though, is Cheerios . . . "and a puppy."

The half-time show is always a favorite of mine, too.  The Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction?  Classic!  Madge last year?  Wow!  I hope I have her stamina when I'm her age . . . Because I sure as hell don't have it now.  This year--Bruno Mars.  Or as I like to say, my next ex-husband.  Damn he fine!  Well, this year, the year I was totally looking forward to seeing my man, Bruno, my fucking cable went out.  Not the whole cable, only FOX . . . The only station that mattered. 

Keep in mind, I had the tv on all day, waiting for the game.  I loved the National Anthem.  It was so classy and given the respect it deserves.  The game wasn't so hot--I don't now what happened, but damn it really sucked.  I guess if you are a Seahawks fan, not so much.  And then, in the middle of the 2nd quarter, my tv froze  . . . Only on FOX.  It didn't come back on until middle of the third quarter.  I missed commercials, Bruno, and the game.

Do you know the only thing I watch on FOX is Bones, Glee, and the fucking Superbowl?!  (Well, sometimes, New Girl . . . Oh yeah.  Prince on New Girl--cable frozen!)  Seriously?  It's one day of the year!  The most important game of the year! The biggest half time performance of the year!  The most expensive commercials of the year!  And I missed it all.  Except . . . "and a puppy."  Best commercial ever goes to Cheerios!

Now . . . The day after the Superbowl, I'm finishing this post and I've seen more of the commercials and parts of Bruno.  I haven't seen "parts" of Bruno (only in my dreams), but parts of his performance.  Awesome!  I love the Full House guys yogurt commercial, the Radio Shack commercial (the 80s called), and the beautifully done Coca Cola commercial. 

About this Coca Cola commercial.  I really don't understand why people are pissed.  Really?  Because America the Beautiful is sung in multiple languages, not just English.  What the fuck do you think makes America beautiful?  The Statue of Liberty doesn't say, "bring me only English speaking people."  We aren't called a melting pot because we are all lily white.  Get over it people.  We don't even have an official language!!!! Yup, that's right, no official language.  We are all mutts and that's what makes America beautiful.  And seriously? If you don't like it, please leave and make more room for those who want to be here.

Until next time , much love and peace . . . and a puppy.


  1. I would be sooo pissed if that happened to me! Demand a credit for that day--seriously!

    1. I get free cable with my apartment, so hard to get a credit. It's all good--I've seen what I wanted to at this point. But, believe me, if I was still paying for cable . . . I would have gotten the entire month for free because of that fiasco.