Monday, February 17, 2014

Eating Right

I was doing a pretty good job of getting healthy and getting in shape, and then my world kind of fell apart.  I started binge eating, stopped exercising, and literally sat around doing nothing, but eating.  I ate the wrong foods and large quantities of them.  I know, I know, everybody has a down time, but I seriously have/had a problem.  I was eating so much that all the weight I had lost is back.  I can't fit into pants that were actually falling off of me the month before.  My blood sugar got so completely out of control that I started getting a rash.  I was miserable.

I got the mindset that everyone else gets to eat what they want, so can I.  I was resentful that I'm not supposed to eat whatever I want.  I can be a happy, fat girl, why not?  But here's the deal.  I wasn't a happy, fat girl.  I was miserable.  And every time I tried to stop, I put roadblocks in my own way.  Seriously?  Who gets two filet o'fish at McDonald's for lunch every day?  Then, when that's not enough, adds chocolate chip cookies?  And even worse, when that's not enough, starts having four of them . . . Eating behind closed doors so no one knows how bad it's become?  Then adds cinnamelts for dessert?  Oh my God . . . This is crazy!

So, February hit and I had to stop.  I wasn’t sure how to stop, because I had been trying or at least thought I was trying and kept coming up short.  Then I remembered that I quit smoking in October.  That was one of the hardest things I've ever done.  But, I did it and I don't crave cigarettes.  So, I applied that same logic to eating.  Just stop eating crap.  Load up on healthy food and when the urge hits, grab something low cal and yummy.  And . . . Drink lots of water.  So far, it's working, but it's actually harder than quitting smoking.  Why?  Because food is so awesome and junk food is cheaper and more easily obtainable than healthy food.  But, I'm doing it.

I did have to find something that mimicked junk food, so I got some Kind bars and some Kashi bars.  OMG they are soooooo good!  I'm also in love with Chobani yogurt, grapes, celery with peanut butter, and tea . . . Lots and lots of tea.  Tea also helped with the quitting smoking, so I went back to that to help with food.

Anyway, I think I'm gonna be ok with this and I'm not craving junk .   So that's good.  I'm just going to keep doing one day at a time.

Until next time, much peace and love.

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