Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day aka Singles Awareness Day

I hate Valentine's Day.  It's never been good for me and I've never really had a Valentine.  Well, maybe in in high school, but not a big deal.  So, I really wasn't looking forward to today, especially as it is the first official time of being single on Valentine's Day since I was 21.  Kind of weird.

But, my beautiful son made it all worth while.  He told me the day before he was buying me flowers and a card and he was using his own money.  I thought that was sweet.  Of course, I woke up in the morning and told him not to spend his money on flowers.  I appreciated the thought, but that was a lot of money.  I came home from work tonight and he gave me my card.  It was super sweet and makes all the trials of late worth it.

Until next time, much love and peace.

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