Monday, February 10, 2014

Meltdowns and Guilt Trips

This weekend has been bittersweet.  There were some really low lows and some really high highs.  I guess you could say my weekend was bi-polar.

I'm still dealing with the Boy and the "incident." He doesn't grasp the idea of being grounded and I hate dealing with the bullshit.  We had it out Saturday morning, which ended in tears and a major guilt trip.  I'm having difficulties communicating with him and have less and less patience with his attitude.  He lashes out and acts like a little shit.  The results can be pretty nasty. 

But, then there are Facebook tags from him to me  . . . TuPac's "Dear Mama."  While I'm not a TuPac fan, the sentiment of the song is great and I appreciate what my son is trying to say to me.

Which leads me to send him something to explain why I want him home, what he means to me, etc. . . I can't post it here because I don't know where to find the link (I need to work on this technology stuff).

Regardless, we are at a truce and I think he understands now, not only why I'm concerned, but that I'm doing everything I can to provide for him on my own and that everything I do, I do for him.  Hopefully, we won't need another round of meltdowns and guilt trips.

Until next time, much love and peace.

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