Thursday, April 10, 2014

What the Hell is Wrong with Teenagers These Days?!

I know I sound like an old fogey with that title, but it's not because of the generation gap or music interests or anything like that.  It's because teenagers are just fucking mean these days.

Now, you know I love my teens (my own and his friends), but due to recent developments, those friends are no longer his friends.  Why?  Because they are fucking mean!  There was a minor blip on the radar--I wrote about it the other day.  But, I really thought things would blow over.  They always do.  But no . . . these two little mother fuckers are still going at my kid like crazy.  One is still totally ignoring him and had the nerve to say he just needs a ride (to school) and the other is acting like he is the boss or parent of my kid. 

So finally, my kid talked to another friend's parent to get her take on it and she agrees, it's time to talk to the parents.  I made my kid show me the text messages so that I know that he's telling me the truth and that he isn't participating in nasty messages with them.  I have to say, I'm impressed . . . he's managed to keep his cool and not be mean back.  That's pissing them off even more.

You see, I think the whole thing stems from these two boys wanting to have more attention from other people or even from my kid, but he's not going to be tied down and boxed in by any one group.  (Kinda like his momma.)  Since they can't get a rise out of him, they're being by ignoring and the other by sending the texts.

So, now I must plan my conversation with the parents of these two boys.  I told my son it wouldn't be until at least the weekend, because I need to figure out the plan of attack without actually attacking these crazy ass mother fuckers.  I've also told him to stop responding at all to the texts . . . change the behavior by extinguishing it.  He said already that it's hard not to respond, but he's going to stick to it.

I told the Boy as well that he needs to be sure that he wants me to step in, because I'll burn all bridges with these stupid asses.  The mother of the one sending the texts got mad early in the school year at my kid saying he was disrespectful to her and was going to stop taking him home.  I talked to him and it's been ok as far as I know, but this is going to be it and he won't have a ride home from school.  He's prepared to walk at this point.  The one that is ignoring him just started riding to school with us about a month ago . . . and now he says he's only in it for a ride?  Ok spoiled little shit . . . we'll see how long that lasts.

So, I will think about all this and pray for good ideas to handle it like an adult when all I really want to do is blow their shit up.  I will be a professional, but I'm not going to allow this shit to go on.

So . . . any insight would be helpful.

Until next time, much peace and love  . . . really.

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