Friday, April 4, 2014

Spring Break and Momma's Spidey Senses

So, I took the day off today.  My mommy spidey senses were tingling.  You see, it's Spring Break here and my kid and his friends have been basically without adult supervision for the majority of the week.  Most of the time that's fine, but, I know that after so many days of doing their own thing, something is about to go down.  After all, I was 15 once and alone for Spring Break while my parents worked.

I started thinking about how I spent Spring Breaks in high school.  It was the same thing every year, run around doing whatever I wanted with whomever I wanted, and often times, I ended up at a boyfriend's house making out all day.  No gutter minds here . . . my idea of making out was lots and lots of kissing, very little groping, and no sex . . . at least not until much later.  So, thinking about all this is what got the spidey senses going.  Y'all know my kid is just like me.

Sure enough, I get a text from him, "I'm at Cute Boy's House and his address is XXX."  Now, every day, I get on the Boy to check in, just a quick text or call as to where he is and with whom.  He NEVER does it.  I end up calling or texting him with bitchy messages.  So, when he out of the blue sends me this text . . . oh, and the boy is not one he hangs with regularly, but one that I have met and know they kinda like each other . . . I start thinking.  I was right on point too . . . we had to have a discussion about hickies not being cool.

So . . . I stayed home today.  It was pleasant.  Kids were in and out, mostly in all day and now apparently in for the night . . . YAY!  This listening to the universe thing is definitely working for me.

Until next time, much peace and love.

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