Thursday, April 17, 2014

And Now I Know Why Your Kid is Fucked Up

Wow!  So, I talked about the bullying the other day.  I thought about it a lot and decided to approach it this way:

1.  I told the Boy to ignore and not respond to anything.  This was to give the other boys a chance to chill the fuck out.
2.  If #1 didn't work out, I would speak with the parents and show them the texts.
3.  If #1 and #2 didn't work out, I would go to the police.  Yes--I skipped the school because I don't think it is the school responsibility OUTSIDE of the school.  (If it was happening at school, then yes.)

So, #1 started working pretty well, but then there was a short flair up.  So, the Boy mentioned that I was going to go to the school (he was mistaken, but ok).  It worked to make Bully #1 back pedal and realize that he was being a jerk.  The Bully #2 still just ignored the Boy.

Now today, there was a flare up from Bully #2 . . . he didn't like a look the Boy gave him or something and said something in the locker room.  The Boy told Bully #1 that he wished Bully #2 would just go ahead and start something so he could kick his ass.    So, Bully #2 kicked my son in math class . . . twice and ran away.  My son called me to tell me.  I told him to leave Bully #2 alone and don't get into any fights at school.

I then called Bully #2's mom and left her a message that the boys all needed to stop, that I had already told my son to knock it off, but that she needed to tell her son to keep his hands and feet and everything else to himself, that we needed to work together on this.

She then called me back and left me a voicemail that she talked to her son and he said it was my son's fault . . . yadda yadda yadda . . . but that she told him not to start anything and she agreed with me.

I then called her back to explain where I was coming from and she fucking went off on me!  She started saying that my kid is always starting shit and that he is a drug addict and smokes and drinks and that I'm a horrible parent, etc, etc. etc.  I have to admit, I lost my cool with this bi-polar bitch.  I snapped and told her off, told her to check herself before she tried giving me any parenting advice, told her to check her own kid when it comes to drinking and smoking, because, oh yeah . . . he did and does it too.  I told her to fuck off and her whole family can go to hell.  And then I hung up.  Not my finest moment, I have to admit, but it did feel good to yell at her finally after all these years.

She then sent me a text . . . saying that she and everyone is tired of feeding my kid . . . like I don't feed hers too.  She said a bunch of other shit too, but her grammar and spelling are so bad, it doesn't really make sense.  I feel like I should send it back properly spelled, etc.  The Boy sent her a text saying he isn't the only one and that her kid did and does shit too and he gave her dates, etc.  She went back and forth with him for awhile (I didn't know it) and I told him to stop responding to her.  She's supposed to be the adult and she's arguing with a 15 year old.  Really?

Shortly after I hung up on her, Bully #1 called the Boy to apologize for his behavior previously and also he apologized to me apparently.  The Bi-Polar Bitch called him . . . yes, that's right, she called the other 15 year old.  Then she called his parents who didn't give a shit.  I did talk to him to tell him that I had no intention of going to the school, and never had, but that if he did that crappy texting again, I would go to his parents direct, because THAT'S THE WAY IT'S DONE.

Anyway, a lot of this is rambling, but bottom line is, I know why the kid is fucked up . . . his mom is a fucking bi-polar bitch.  Wow! 

Ok--got that off my chest.

Until next time, much peace and love . . . really.


  1. What a whack job that mom is!!! Tell her to stop harassing you and your son and threaten her with a restraining order! Seriously!

    1. Whack job is right! I've told the Boy not to continue any texts with her and let me know if she continues to text him. I will give her one warning to stop and then I file a complaint.

      Thanks for stopping by.