Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Vacation Fun

I've soooooo been enjoying my vacation!  My family has been wonderful.  The first wedding was beautiful and the reception was a blast.  I've spent the last two days with my stepmom and two stepbrothers . . . peaceful time with them.  Tomorrow, sending the Boy to stay with his other grandparents and I'll be hanging with my friends.  (That should lend itself to good blog fodder.)

What I've found absolutely fantastic is that the Boy is having fun and maturing right before my eyes.  He has contributed to conversations with the other adults; he's been respectful of his elders; he's asked questions about family life and history and really gotten into the answers.  He had a blast at the reception the other night (there may have been a bit of alcohol consumed, but so what).

There have been some minor blips on the radar . . . my rude uncle (I ignored him), my momma kinda irritated me.  Side note to that . . . the Boy said that I act like him toward my momma the way he acts toward me when he's annoyed at me.  That's making me take a hard look at how I can react better with my momma, because it isn't nice.

Spending time with my stepmom was productive.  We took care of some paperwork for my dad's grave (12 years later, but who's counting), and she gave me and the Boy some items of beauty from her home to ours.  She's a very giving person.

I reconnected with a cousin . . . my only first cousin on my dad's side . . . and we had a blast.  We even look alike in our old age.  When I posted our picture, everyone thought we were sisters.  Amazing!

Anyway, I'm enjoying my vacation.

Until next time, much peace and love.

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