Thursday, July 31, 2014

Vacation Coverage

So, you know that I went on vacation for three weeks.  Before I left, I made sure that there was absolutely nothing pending for anyone to handle in my absence . . . not that anyone would have done it anyway . . . and the only things that others would need to do would be any new items coming in, if they got to it.  Upon my return, nothing had been done . . . it was all waiting for me. . . except for one thing they handed over to the new guy to do and didn't train him properly, so I spent three days unwinding it.  This is status quo for me.  I seldom receive assistance, nor do I need it, from my fellow reps.

But, when someone else goes on vacation, I handle his (and I can say his, because all the other reps are male) entire desk, new items, pending items, and I usually clean up old stuff so he can have a fresh start upon return.  I'm nice like that.  So, one of the other reps is going on vacation tomorrow.  He sent me an email "bribing" me to handle some things in his absence, if they came up.  He wasn't anticipating anything, but the other reps are "too busy to take on anything else."  I was gonna turn down the bribe, but it was a $25 Starbucks card. 

So, what's wrong with this?  First of all, his statement that the others are "too busy."  What?  I do twice as much as any of them . . . I'm more organized and more tech savvy to do so.  Secondly, an hour before he leaves today, he dumps 5 items on me that are "emergencies" even though 4 of the 5 came in a month ago.  SMDH!  I'm really glad I took the card and if things continue this way, he'll owe me another one when he gets back.

Oh well . . . job security . . . I've got it in spades.

Until next time, much peace and love.

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