Monday, May 19, 2014

Painting . . . Teenage Style

So, one of the things the Boy has wanted for a long time is to paint his room.  I put it off for years, because I hate to paint.  For this year's birthday though, part of his present was to re-do his room.  He has to do all the work though.  I bought all the stuff to prep and paint, except the paint.  For the last two months, he has been prepping one wall (because we decided to try just one wall at first) and figuring out what color he wanted.  Most of the two months was deciding on a paint color.  He finally decided on a gorgeous gray and I finally was able to purchase it this past week.

On Saturday evening, we went over what he had to do to paint . . . tape off the edges, put down a drop cloth, only put a little paint in the tray at a time, etc.  On Sunday, he started painting while I was at the spa.  I called him on the way home and he said he was at a friend's.  He had done the first coat of paint, but had trouble at the top of the wall, because the tape wouldn't stick to the ceiling.  I got home and it looked great!  

I was concerned though, because we hadn't discussed clean up.  There was a tray of paint sitting out with the roller and brush sitting in it.  Yikes!  Upon closer inspection, there wasn't that much paint in the tray, so it was actually easy for me to finish up the edges for him.  What he neglected though was to pull out the disposable paint trays.  I bought a pack of three.  He left them bundled together, instead of pulling them apart and putting one in the sturdy tray.  It worked out ok--I pulled them apart and put the extras aside.  I also got the roller off of the handle and disposed of everything after I was done.  Yes, I know . . . wasteful and probably not good for the environment, but I don't clean brushes and rollers.  Yuck!

So, he needs to put a second coat on sometime this week or on the weekend and then he can put his room back together.  I told him he did such a good job, and that the paint color is neutral enough, that he can do more walls if he wants.  He'll think about it.  LOL!

Until next time, much peace and love.

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