Tuesday, May 27, 2014


How in the hell does a dog who spends no time outside or around other animals get fleas?  Ok, she’s around  my cats too, but they aren’t outside either. If I still had carpet, then maybe I would understand, but I haven’t had carpet in over a year, so no eggs or long living fleas. I don’t get it. If they were already in the house, where were they hiding? If they were in the furniture I got in August, why didn’t they come out sooner? In other words… where the hell did they come from?

So, the dog has been bathed multiple times, the cats have been sprayed, and all three have had drops applied, plus the house has been flea bombed. I’ve also sprayed all furniture and soft surfaces.  All clothing, towels, and bedding has been washed. All dishes have been washed, all surfaces and floors cleaned… this was all after the flea bombing… six and a half hours of cleaning. Whew! 

So, fleas are gone right? Nope… still finding a few on the dog… another bath. Let’s see what happens.  Grrrr….
Until next time, much love and peace.


  1. I hate fleas!!! All three of my dogs are on expensive meds to prevent getting them --and yes, they are indoor dogs…..and yet the fleas still come! ARGH!

    1. Sad for you, but glad it's not just me.

      Thanks for stopping by.