Monday, May 19, 2014

Essential Oils

So, I went to a home party the other night for essential oils.  Now, I'm not against the use of natural medications and cures . . . hell, they've been around longer than modern medicine.  I do have a problem with non-medical personnel telling me that something is better for me than the medication prescribed by my physician.  Again, it's not that the idea is wrong, but these people are not trained medical professionals.  While they can say that these essential oils are good for one thing or another, I would like them to preface everything with . . . "consult with your physician before trying anything new" type statement.

Having said all this, I had a great time at my friend's house and did order a couple of items.  These are ones that I know I can't go wrong . . . lavender, peppermint, and lemongrass.  The individual items are quite expensive--I'm told because they are pure and not cut with alcohol or other stuff as you might find in the store.  Of course, I talked to another friend who has been doing oils for years and she orders pure stuff for a lot cheaper.  LOL!  We'll see how this all works out.

Until next time, much peace and love.

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