Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What do you mean I'm not 25?

I notice that I didn't post anything the entire month of April.  There's a reason for that . . . I turned 45!  Ugh . . . .

I really don't think much about age.  But, this birthday has done me in.  I look in my mirror and I see the 25 year old (THIN) girl that moved to So Cal in 1990 (actually, I was 24).  And then reality hits . . . I'm not 25, I'm <gulp> 45!  What does this actually mean?

1.  I'm officially old enough to be the mother of most professional basketball, baseball, and football players.

2.  I'm old enough to be the mother of any college student and possibly grandmother of some.

3.  I'm old enough to be the mother of any high school student and technically old enough to be the grandmother of most of them.

4.  I'm old enough to be the grandmother of any junior high or elementary student. (The Boy goes to junior high in the Fall.)

5.  My mother informed me that in 10 years, I'll officially be a senior citizen, and in 5 years, can join AARP.  Thanks, Mom!

6.  My perfect skin now needs more help.  I've always moisturized, but now, I've added SPF 100 to my daily routine and I wear a big, Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm hat outside.

7.  My naturally blonde hair now needs help and doesn't look natural, so I've gone Cherry Truffle.  Looks good, but not as thick as it used to be either.  :(

I'm really trying to embrace my age, but not be all "old."  I'm no longer looking at young girl fashions, ala Miley Cyrus, but trying to avoid the mature older woman, ala Helen Mirren (although I hope I look as good as she does when I'm her age!).  So where do I fall?  Let's see . . . Julia Roberts, Sandra Bullock, Jenn Aniston, Courtney Cox, Diane Lane, Cindy Crawford, Janet Jackson, Brooke Shields, and Cindy Crawford are all about the same age (give or take a couple of years).  Then there is Madonna and Demi Moore.  Ok ladies, you are now inspiring me.  I shall create a collage of photos of these women to keep me upbeat.

We'll see how this goes.

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